Python backend developer

Hi, I'm Ivan Aleksashin

Have an EU work permit, looking for a remote job.

Python developer with great learning agility and passion for developing and architecture of web applications. Have been a civil engineer for the last 12 years and currently making the transition toward software development.

I write correct well-documented code and do thorough testing. Quick in coming up with solutions, but base them on a deep immersion in the documentation. Always open to comments and eager to benefit any working environment.


  • Languages and frameworks: Python, FastAPI, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS.
  • Tools: Linux, Bash, Docker, Git, Github CI/CD.
  • Soft skills: fast learning and adaptability, teamwork on complex projects, project management, selection of optimal options and decisions and risks taking, interaction with customers and collecting project requirements.


Web page downloader (CLI)  

BeautifulSoup, requests, logging, pytest, Github CI/CD, poetry

A console program for downloading and saving a page from the Internet with resources (pictures, styles, js, etc.).

Acquired skills:

  • working with HTTP requests, BeautifulSoup and requests libraries.
  • testing using fixtures and mocking HTTP requests.
  • logging using different configurations for loggers and handlers.
  • working with type hints and code documentation.

Difference generator for JSON and YAML 

Pytest, Github CI/CD, JSON, PyYaml, poetry

Command-line utility to determine differences between JSON or YAML format files. Ability to output data in JSON, plain and stylish formats.

Acquired skills:

  • working with trees and tree recursion
  • test-driven development (TDD)
  • setting up CI/CD on Github Actions with running tests and linter
  • code quality control using the Flake8 linter and the CodeClimate service

Service for estimating the cost of construction and repair

FastAPI, PostgreSQL, pytest, Docker, AWS

# in the development

The service calculates the cost of building private houses and small hotels in Slovenia. The calculation is made on the basis of a parametric model of a typical building and current prices for construction work and materials.

Using the REST API, user authentication and basic operations on projects (CRUD) take place. The user can set the necessary parameters of the building and site for the calculation. The results are available in a general and detailed form.

Work experience

GipGap studio / director, senior engineer / 2014 - now

Development of building documentation, construction and reconstruction of buildings.

  • Developed and supported the websites of the projects of the bureau.
  • Optimized design through the use of scripts and smart blocks libraries.
  • Implemented CRM for project management and knowledge base.
  • Organized the work of a design bureau in Slovenia.
  • Successfully implemented the development of project documentation and technical supervision of the construction of a restaurant, 4 hotels and 10 private houses.
  • Launched an apartment project for digital nomads on Lake Bled

Engineering company Hydronics / senior engineer / 2010 - 2014

Development of projects, organization of work of the design department, coordination with customers, technical supervision, and commissioning of equipment.

  • With a team of designers and contractors, more than 30 elite houses and 5 public projects were implemented, including SkyPark in Sochi.
  • Professionally grew from junior engineer to senior engineer.

Freelance / 2006 - 2010

Layout, installation and configuration of CMS (WordPress, Joomla), content management.

  • Launched and configured 12 websites for commercial and non-commercial clients.

Education / Python backend developer / 2021 - now

Udemy / Development of Telegram bots in Python / 2021 - now

MGSU - Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

/ Master’s degree in heat and gas supply and ventilation / graduated in 2012

Additional information

  • Languages: English (fluent), Slovenian (fluent), Russian (native)
  • Location: Bled, Slovenia (EU), timezone CET / GMT+2

About me

Since being a pupil I was fond of web development, but followed in the footsteps of my family and started to study as a civil engineer. During 12 years I've gone from a junior designer to a senior engineer of the project. I want to realize my passion for web development. In the future, I want to create web services in the real estate and construction industry.

I'm currently working on the final project at the courses and seeking a company where I will develop my skills further and bring a lot of benefits. I’m going to quickly grow professionally by adapting my teamwork skills on complex projects in the construction industry.